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Training Programs

Truck Driver Development – Abilene

160-200 Hour CDL “A” Training Program

The A.C.T. 160-200 Hour course will prepare you for a great career in the trucking industry, whether you choose to drive regionally or over-the-road. This class will train you to qualify for your Texas Class “A” Commercial Drivers License.  In this training program, you will experience classroom, hands-on range and road instruction.

Classroom TrainingObtaining your TIP

Our classroom curriculum covers all the materials necessary for you to obtain your Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP). This material includes:

  • How to fill out log books
  • Map-reading techniques to help you make timely deliveries
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and regulations
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle entry level requirements under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Code
  • Endorsements

Range TrainingInspections to Maneuvers

In the range training sessions, you will be taught all of the basic maneuvers required by the State of Texas.  You will start the range training by learning how to perform the pre-trip safety inspection of the truck and trailer.  Some of the maneuvers you will learn in the range training classes are:

  • Straight Line Backing
  • The Forward Pull Up
  • 90 Degree Ally Docking
  • The Precision Right Hand Turn
  • Parallel Parking

On-the-Road TrainingPositioning and Safety

Our on-the-road training sessions are designed to give you the professional skills to handle your truck and trailer with proficiency and safety.  We will train you to focus attention positioning as you navigate through the city as well as the expressway.  This will increase your confidence as you learn to develop a sense of awareness of your surroundings and potential hazards.

In the A.C.T. training sessions, you will learn to utilize multiple mirrors so as to eliminate blind spots in your field of vision.  You will learn the proper positioning for changing lanes, as well as making right and left-hand turns throughout the city.



40-Hour Refresher Course – Abilene location only.

The Abilene ACT campus offers a 40-hour refresher course.  The requirements for this course are as follows.  You must have:

  • a Class “A” CDL license
  • a DOT physical
  • a road assessment test – prior to admission to the Refresher Course.

NOTE: The Refresher Course is only available at the Abilene location.