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Why Action Career Training?

Multi-ethnic truck driversTruck Drivers Are In Demand!

In a nation that is suffering from a high unemployment rate, there is some good news for those people who are out there looking to live the American Dream!

That person can be you. You can go from unemployed (or underemployed) in a few short weeks.  Another piece of good news is that it takes only a small investment of time and tuition.  Once you become an Action Career Training student, you can earn credentials for a job that is in high demand, can never be outsourced, and even has room for advancement.

In July of 2012, it was reported that there were more than 220,000 jobs currently available for truck drivers across the country. More than 70 percent of freight in the U.S. is delivered to retailers and manufacturers by truck. Just about everything you buy, consume, use or wear is delivered by a truck driver.  Due to the increase in oil field industry, the opportunities for truck drivers has increased evermore.  Read more about A.C.T. training …

iStock_000000639846XSmallTruck Driving pays well and has good benefits.

You can have a stable career and be a part of keeping our economy going and growing.  Being a truck driver is a great job.  It gives you a mission and a purpose.  When someone hands you a freight bill, that’s a mission.

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